Financial Information

Group Strategy

A strategy to strengthen the prominence and positioning of the group’s brands as well as its operational optimization

  • Capitalize on the brand awareness of « Carrefour Market » by implementing a convergence branding strategy
  • Strengthen the brand awareness of « atacadao » as the cheapest chain stores brand in morocco
  • Maintain the development of « Carrefour » hypermarkets at the national level and capitalize on the experience of the international Carrefour Group
  • Pursue the cost-rationalization program and benefit from more economies of scale

Key facts

  • Chiffre d'affaires
  • Resultat d'exploitation
  • Resultat Courant
  • Resultat Net
  • Capital Social
  • Capitaux Propres
  • Resultat Net Part de Groupe
  • Nombre de titres
  • Bénéfice Par Action
  • % Return On Equity
  • % Pay out Ratio
  • % Dividend Yield
  • Price Earning Ratio
  • Price to book ratio